Need effective communication systems in your healthcare organisation? We specialise in two way radios for hospitals, rest homes and emergency care.

When healthcare facilities are safe and efficient, staff can excel. Create an environment that is safe and secure, where staff can perform at their best. Manage incidents and emergencies, and prevent security breaches from happening.

Two-way radio communications provide a high quality experience for patients and visitors with well-run facilities. Real-time communications can strengthen safety, elevate service and improve overall efficiency.

The new April 2016 Health and Safety regulations require all staff working by themselves to have a form of communication on them to contact others in case of an emergency. Two-way radio communications allow your staff to respond to injuries and accidents quickly and are an efficient way to maintain real time communications between doctors, nurses, administrative staff and maintenance crews.

Recommended products for the healthcare sector

Recommended Products for the Hospitality Sector

  • CLP Portable: Ideal for smaller nursing homes.  Designed with the user in mind, helping you to communicate seamlessly and naturally.
    • Comfortable, durable and simple to use in a sleek palm sized design
    • Easy to operate with a large central push-to talk button
    • Operates of 4 channels with a choice of 90 UHF business exclusive frequencies.
  • DP2000E Series:
  • DP3441E: Compact design, this is ideal for staff who are constantly on the go.
    • High performance with integrated voice and data
    • Indoor location tracking
    • Enhanced audio for quality and better range
    • Improved water proofing (IP68)
  • SL4000E Series: Designed for the manager who needs complete control.
    • A slim, lightweight design incorporating high performance integrated voice and data
    • Integrated accelerometer for optional Man Down
    • Indoor Location Tracking
    • Improved expandability
    • Increased UHF transmitter for greater range.