Tallysman SCADA & Telemetry App over Radio

Tallysman Wireless TW200 provides secure and reliable end-to end SCADA and Telemetry communication over Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radio systems.  Thier expertise in wireless communications can help you eliminate costly wired installations by wirelessly connecting Remote Terminal Units (RTU) in the field directly to your Supervisory Control System (SCS).
Tallysman’s TW200 provides serial port (RS232) pass-thru connectivity for RTU and SCS operating over a MOTOTRBO™ radio system.   The TW200 interfaces to both mobile and portable radios.  Portable radios are typically used in low power field operations.

Secure and Reliable Communications  
Secure and reliable end–to-end communications between the TW200’s, RTU’s and SCS system can be maintained by a system heartbeat and TW200 watchdog timer.



• Polling or autonomous event reporting

• Protocol independent

• Secure Communication maintained by a watchdog timer

• Transmissions triggered on ETX or character time-out


• Electric Utilities

• Oil & Gas

• Water

• Siren alerts

• Industrial


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